Besides providing guidance and training,  PARO was established to be a place where women could talk openly about their ideas and lean on one another for support and  inspiration. It was also there to give them a little emotional and motivational boost when things got tough and to celebrate their successes.  From their  . . .PARO Centre,  . . .on May Street, PARO offers professional development workshops, one-on-one counselling, grant application assistance, and a myriad of training programs, many offered through web video.   . .  they are regarded as

one of the strongest peer lenders of small business loans in North America.’~ Northern Ontario Business, 5 Northern Leaders, June 2011  


“You may be surprised to discover that one of the leading business centres for women in the entire country’ is located in Thunder Bay. It is a non-profit organization called PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise” 
~ Canadian Newcomers Magazine, December 2010

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