The Canadian Declaration on Women and Security

The former Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean, convened a conference on Women and Security in September 2010 in Ottawa. At that conference, a historic Declaration on Women and Security was announced with an urgent call for action to all levels of Government to renew their commitments to fully realize women’s human rights. 

> Read the full declaration here <

What does this mean?

The Declaration demands immediate implementation of full human rights for women in Canada as set out in international human rights treaties that Canada has ratified. It also calls for immediate and adequate allocations of resources to achieve these rights. It was further stated that any Government policies and programs that promote equality and prosperity for all Canadians cannot be developed without the participation of women.

Some of the key points of interest in the Declaration are:

  • Societies where women’s equality and security are promoted and fulfilled, flourish and are more stable than societies where women’s equality and security rights are compromised and undermined;

  • That a strong social safety net is essential for the protection of the equality and security of the most vulnerable in society, the majority of whom are women and children;

  • Persistent inequality in the labour market compromises Canadian women’s socio-economic security.

Organizations like PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise participated in drafting this historic declaration and are urging all Canadians, women and men, to join with them in their organizations and communities to build a Canada in which women and men can flourish equally.’

In Northern Ontario today, many women are still not able to fulfill their potential due to a lack of resources, inadequate housing, healthcare, access to justice and other basic support structures. And in many communities, women are still not equally recognized for their significant contributions to the economy, community and society.  This Declaration is a first step to addressing these inadequacies at the political level in Canada and we can all become part of the solution in our own communities.

Do you support this historic Declaration on Women and Security? Have you experienced inequality in your community? Share your opinions here.


Posted by Sandi Boucher on
Just wondering where we can get copies of the Declaration. Would you be able to add a link to your website so we can view it here? Just a thought ...

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