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"Where can I find support and resources to start pursuing my goals but in a place that is sensitive to my culture?


The PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise is a great place to look for support and resources. It is a not for profit organization that has helped thousands of women across Northern Ontario to start or pursue new life opportunities. The word 'PARO' is actually Latin for "I Am Ready".

PARO supports women and offers resources that address the specific challenges that women face in the home, in the workplace and in their own businesses. A range of women-centred programs and services are offered that can help every woman, regardless of your age, culture, background or socio-economic status.

PARO offer programs specifically for Aboriginal women and francophone women. It also provides outreach programs and services for women who live in isolated communities.

From training and business coaching, to networking events and peer lending circles, all of PARO’s programs and services are designed to increase the self-sufficiency and success of women, families and communities in the North.  Detailed information is available at:

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