Every month, we will spotlight an Enterprising Woman from Northern Ontario who will share her story, experiences and tips for success with you.

This month`s Featured Enterprising Woman is:

Sandi Boucher

I am so honoured to be considered an "enterprising woman" even though what I have done is no doubt what you do every single day.  As a Mom we often juggle many responsibilities, as I now juggle projects and assignments.  You ask for assistance from your partner, your elder children or your Mother as I ask for guidance from my mentors and colleagues.  You set goals (clean the house, finish the laundry, get to work on time) and you achieve them as I do every single day.  This is why I was so excited to be part of the team that had input into the creation of this amazing site, to be part of a movement that would show so many new women that they DO have what it takes to control their own destiny.  YOU have what it takes to start your own business and be successful doing it, if that is what you aspire to do and this site will share with you information and contacts that can help you do just that.
You are an enterprising woman, right here and right now.  Perhaps you have challenges, perhaps you don't know what path you are on or what you hope to achieve but that's okay.  That's called life and the only answer ... is to ask questions of those that know the answers.  This site brings together many amazing dynamic women that I am honoured to know, women who have helped me become all that I have ever hoped to be, women who have helped me realize just how amazing it is to be a truly enterprising woman.
Join us.

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About Sandi

As a published author, Sandi’s mission is to prove that women of all races and creeds can benefit from the teachings and the examples of the First Nations peoples.

Sandi’s target audience is women as she believes, in line with her Ojibwe teachings, that by empowering the women, they will in turn empower their children and their partners and one beautiful woman at a time our communities will heal, a concept she affectionately calls “the domino effect”.

Sandi uses her life experience, her 25+ years in employment and training and her Ojibwe teachings to empower all she meets!



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