PARO Accelerated Placement Agency (APA) is a social enterprise to connect women seeking employment and connect women entrepreneurs to better employment and business opportunities. 

The agency provides training and support to help women business owners learn more about marketing, HR, financial management. It helps women identify for themselves new business opportunities and potential new contracts.

APA also puts women in touch with other women entrepreneurs in similar fields so that they may band together in business clusters that, collectively, will give them the size and the scope they need to jointly compete for larger contracts.

The agency offers women looking to get back into the workforce or find new employment, job skills or pre-employment training.

APA is both a women-centred business providing job development supports and services that will scale-up their businesses and provide employment opportunities so that they are recognized as equal partners in the economic development of the North.

This business acceleration is achieved in four key ways:

  • Enhancing Business Planning and Development:  provides customized, individual counselling and group training designed to move women entrepreneurs from the "cottage business" level to a more advanced stage of business growth.
  • Job Promotion and Placement:  provides ready access to skilled, employable individuals and strong capable businesses for sub-contracting.
  • Promoting Key Factors in Business Growth:  provides training in order to address both the systemic and psychological barriers to growth.  In particular, reluctance to hire is a key barrier to business growth.  PARO works to accelerate business growth by promoting Human Resources knowledge, skills and financing required to hire, financial and economic literacy, and women’s leadership.
  • Promoting Business Connections:  facilitates and supports the development of 'Biz Clusters' of women-owned businesses.  Business clusters create and strengthen connections and cooperation between both related businesses and businesses that might elsewhere be seen as “competition”.  Important to this process is to showcase the businesses through the development of ‘success stories’ shared on our website.


Who we support:

Women Seeking Employment

Business women. Women who are unemployed or underemployed or have experienced stressful layoffs or terminations. Women who are encountering barriers to employment.

Services and supports including:

  • Assessments to identify skills gaps and establish a personalized skills enhancement plan. 
  • Access to on line pre-employment or business related skills training
  • Customized workshops and coaching for pre-employment readiness
  • Resume writing and design, job search strategy, communication and interviewing skills development workshops

Entrepreneurial Women

Business Development Services and Supports are available through a variety of workshops and one-on-one coaching.

  • We help business owners learn about Marketing and Financial Management to grow their business.
  • Human Resources Development to support women when they wish to grow their business and are ready for hiring their first employee.
  • Identify new business opportunities and potential new contracts.
  • Customized workshops and coaching to “Glow” and scale up their business for increased and more lucrative contract acquisition.
  • Events and Networking opportunities that connect women entrepreneurs in similar fields to form Biz Clusters giving them the size and scope to jointly compete for larger contracts.



We can provide recruitment services and supports including:

  • Pre-screened candidates for businesses and employers wanting to hire staff.
  • Employment ready candidates to fill job vacancies .
  • Candidates who have been pre-employment tested and interviewed including pre and post employment training services and supports.
  • Customized services to meet your needs such as Human Resources consultation, staff planning, on-site training and support services. 
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