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Thunder Bay Centre for Change

“A group of businesses whose linkages mutually reinforce and enhance their competitive advantage.”

Biz Clusters are groups of three or more businesses who come together to share resources, reduce costs, or bid for contracts and/or funding as a unit. Other benefits of small businesses coming together to work in this way include:

  • Increased capacity: ability to take on larger contracts, more customers, etc.
  • Increased confidence: working as a team makes you feel and look stronger
  • Maximize strengths: helps each business concentrate on what they do best, allows they to fill gaps in their services, work with others who complement you, share workload, etc.
  • Exposure to new networks: allows businesses to share contacts, cross-network, etc.
  • Synergy: benefit from the creative power of working together, sharing ideas and sharing expertise
  • Mutual support: support one another with business challenges
  • Satisfaction of working together: the pure enjoyment and satisfaction of working closely with other businesses and like-minded business people

PARO is currently working with a number of different biz clusters in Thunder Bay and northern Ontario. A new and exciting example is the Thunder Bay Centre for Change.

Some of the other biz clusters that PARO is currently working with include:

  • Chez Vous – a group of local businesses that provide specialty goods and services, with home delivery
  • The Craft Collectivea group of artisans who work as a collective to share space, market together, and promote each others work.
  • Aboriginal Business Network – a group of local Aboriginal-owned businesses who work as a network to share contacts, reduce costs, and promote one another.
  • Thunder Bay Artisans Cluster – a group of artists and artisans with the hopes of developing an artisans guild.
  • Superior Shores Wellness Centrea group  of wellness-related businesses and practitioners who share space, marketing costs and who work to support and promote each other’s businesses
  • Artisans Without Borders – a group of artisans in northeastern Ontario who are working together to support, share resources and market their goods together.
  • Soulynx -
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