PARO's Peer Circles help women to increase their capacity for economic self-reliance. Peer Circles are self-selected groups of 4 - 7 women whose members share and network amongst themselves for mutual business benefit. Circle members share their experiences, advise each other, support each other and help each other expand their contact networks. 

Peer Circle members also provide lending support by being collectively accountable and providing references for each other, allowing PARO to use different lending criteria than those of traditional banking institutions. Peer lending has helped many Circle members to grow their businesses and set new goals for the future.

If you are a woman interested in joining or starting a Circle, please contact

If you are an organization interested in learning how to set up a Peer Circle and Loan Program, please contact our Social Enterprise at

Here's what the women have to say about their experiences:

"Our lives and business experience has been greatly enhanced due to being circle members. The down-times and struggles are always going to be there when you are in business, however, so are our circle members. The members of our circle have developed a friendship and trust amongst the monotony of trying to start a new business while juggling family, young children and our personal lives." ~ Genesis circle

"Our members have found increased confidence in themselves as business women in our community through their interaction with one another and the PARO organization as a whole. Financially, the loans available have helped some of us expand, begin our business or improve on what we have already established. It is imperative that credit be available to anyone in business and PARO with its peer lending base has made that credit accessible to women in small businesses, some not so small anymore." ~ Artistically Healthy circle

Contact us today to learn more about joining a Circle of dedicated, motivated women who can support you in making the changes you want to make in your life.


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